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Callanish Then and Now

April 21, 2006

Callanish then Callanish is a group of Victoria folkies first formed in 1984. Named after the stone circle on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides, they were Maureen Campbell, Sue Irwin (then Postans), Laurie Postans and Denis Donnelly.

For five years this group was an active part of the Vancouver Island music scene. Specialising in traditional Celtic, English, Canadian and other tradition-based North American acoustic music, their tight vocal harmonies and innovative arrangements made them well known on the folk circuits. They performed in Vancouver, at the Seattle Folklife Festival, and at many coffee houses and other venues on Vancouver Island during their years together.

Nanaimo Folk Connection regulars will recognize Sue Irwin and her former life and musical partner Laurie Postans from their previous appearances on our stage. Sue is a a key member of the committee which runs this folk event. She does all the bookings for our feature acts. She performs from time to time for other events and has done some work in musical comedy. She teaches music in the schools locally.

Denis Donnelly will be known to some as the co-director of the Gettin' Higher Choir in Victoria, the group that started the whole "Everybody Sings" movement on Vancouver Island. He has been active in the folk movement in Victoria for many years. Denis is a classically trained musician and was for some years the Principal of the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Maureen Campbell has also been active in Island folk circles for many years. She has appeared on our stage previously with Bill Gallaher and Harmony Road, and as part of the south seas islands group Tradewinds.

Callanish After a brief 20-odd year sabbatical, these four are together again for a reunion concert series, doing some of the songs they are known for, as well as some brand new material. Join in the nostalgia and hilarity, and listen to the solid musical magic of these four longtime friends as they share once more their love of performing together. Join in the singing, too!

Nanaimo Folk Connection Gatherings are held on the third Friday of each month, at 7:30pm in the German Cultural Hall at 71 Caledonia Ave., Nanaimo. Admission $5. Refreshments available. Wheelchair accessible. For more information email me at the link below. You can also phone 754-1321 or 753-1187.